Michelotto Organi

Philosophy of construction
The artisan factory Organs Michelotto has always taken as basis of its work the authenticity and quality of its product by a continuos supervision in the realization of every work. This also thanks to the help of very qualified and fond of staff, grown up with our work criterions based on careful selection of the materials , on the development o every single component , on precise criterions of installation, on the perfection research of the tuning , followed in a carthusian way in the place of installation. All this in order to characterize technologically, architectonically and phonically every new work with our construction philosophy . From this concept derives a deep study of every single customer need that can count in a precise selection in the place of destination and in an exclusive product , unique in its structure and phonically amalgamated with the acoustic of the room.

Used materials
The particularity of our company is in the possibility of having a great warehouse for the seasoning of the solid wood, for the first-use materials and other things useful for making ordered organs that can be consigned in abuot fifteen months , so that we can guarantee a recycle of seasoning of every product.
Often the material is taken for the need of the client and can change from solid wood as fir,national walnut tree,oak,castagno,cherry-tree,mahogany tree exc....
Modern product always first choice as plywood and wooden panel that, with particular treatments that we use to do in the centre , this treatments has resulted the best and the most lasting, more than other products that have changed their natural characteristic with the passing of time.
It's very important the choice of the materials as natural cork-tree for the realization of the seal gasket , as the best ram and lamb leather for making conical or direct valves necessary for the good working of notes , as the flexible hoods and joints , as the natural Avana leathers, first choice for making hand-bag and also every thing is necessary for every single work of restauration as guarantee of seriousness professionality of our work.