Michelotto Organi

The history of success about Michelotto organs

The artisan factory Organs Francesco Michelotto was born after cessation of the papal factory organs Domenico Malvestio e figlio in Padua in 1957, when Francesco Michelotto, at the time dependent but very experienced,was encouraged by the same Malvestio to begin himself the pipes organs building,upkeeping and repairing activity .
About 1961, after the great sacrifices to create a first part of the laboratory where set aside all the tools and implements of the trade , Mr.Michelotto began with the construction of his first organs , having at his disposal, seasoned timber and first quality materials in order to undertake with consience the organs building and repairing activity.
The activity during the first years spread gradually with the construction of instruments of modest dimensions , but well structured and with a good phonic assortment, actually well functioning.
During the years the activity grows up so that they decided to enlarge the first laboratory in order to satisfy all the requests that come from every part of Italy. This requests will be satisfied keeping the traditional and artisan constructive techniques of every part of the organ , joining technical avant-garde levels and national fame.
It has never be neglected,in spite of the continual request of new organs, the upkeeping and repairing of old organs builded by Malvestio or other organ's factory, in order to respect the work made by our ancestor.
Actually the activity is made by the son Daniele, grown up since child in the laboratory of his father, by his side. He showed until his youth a great passion for this job and he understanded every slight shades, important to make this activity with carthusian and conscientious way .
On the whole the activity in the artisan organs factory of Francesco Michielotto can count about four hundred works between new instruments and repairing organs . The activity has worked more in Toscana, Veneto, Liguria, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Piemonte,Campania, Calabria and others.